The Panagia Odigitria (Virgin Mary The Guide) Icon

One of the most remarkable icons is that of Panagia Odigitria dating back to 1474. It belongs to the local iconographer Minas, who also painted the famous church of Archangel Michael. The icon is kept and displayed in the Byzantine Museum of Pedoulas.

In the picture, we observe that the Virgin is holding Christ with one hand and with the other hand is pointing to Him. In this way, the Virgin is guiding Christ, who is not portrayed as an infant but as a child. With one hand, Christ holds a scroll and is blessing with the other. Both of them appear upright, facing towards the viewer.

The Virgin Mary is wearing a green shawl, a tunic with chrysanthemums and a dark red veil with purple lining. Christ is wearing a green tunic with golden linear shades and a yellow garment. His red halo, often appearing in 15th century icons in Cyprus, carries the revelation inscription O ΩΝ (meaning he who exists). The faces and bare parts of the body are formed with light gray coloration. Red lights cover the cheeks, the chin and the forehead. White linear lights are placed on the back, nose, lip and hands. The shape of the eyes is small and almond-shaped.


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