The Waterfall of Petra tou Androgynou (Androgyne Stone)

Only a few metres away from Petra tou Androgynou is the waterfall with the same name. It is a small spring water, waterfall located in the centre of old (Palia) Kakopetria. It flows in an artificial groove for more than 250 metres before it falls onto the riverbed.

The unique landscape is complemented by the presence of ducks, birds, towering plane trees, two bridges and the point of the union of the two rivers.

It is an idyllic image of nature that attracts many visitors, both to admire the scenery and to relax and get inspired.

Within walking distance is the Vateri Nature Trail, which was created on the west bank of the Klario river and along its course follows the course of the river. A dense forest of Plane trees and oaks, creating a beautiful backdrop for photographs.


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