Traditional Balconies – Terraces

Galata is also known as the “village of the balconies” due to the many houses with balconies. They are all buildings of the 1900s.

The balconies of Galata, especially during the summer months, were where families would gather. There, they enjoyed the coolness of the adjacent river and watched the traffic go by on the main road.

Almost all the traditional houses in Galata were two storeyed. The balcony was the wooden prominence towards the main road, about 1.5m. width and 2.5 or 3 m. length, continuation of the first floor. This overhang, which was roofed, was also supported by 3 outer beams, to be more solid, and was around, at a height of around 1m. These were square or rectangular wooden boxes with diagonal ribs firmly attached side by side. The older balconies of the village are those opposite the chapel of Agios Georgios and are connected to the Hani tou Marangou (Marangos’ Hill). In fact, the Hani tou Marangou has been restored and the “Galata Museum of Folk Art” is housed on the ground floor.