Troodos Forest

The mountain range of Troodos is the backbone of Cyprus. Most of the Troodos forest covers an area of ​​90,000 acres and in 1992 it was established as a National Forest Park. The purpose of this definition was to preserve the ecological, scientific, recreational, hydrological and economic values ​​of the area. Since 2002, an Environmental Information Center has been set up in Troodos Square for the best and fuller information of its visitors. Within the park there are nine excursion spaces and three camping sites with all the necessary amenities. For walkers there are 10 natural paths, one of which is designed for wheelchairs.

The flora and fauna are characterized as rich with many species being located only within the park. Its rocks have been created in such a way that they are considered among the best in the world and so are the subject of a scientific study. From a geological point of view, the extent of the forest lies on a wide variety of nuclear rocks, including crossings, gobbies, pyroxenes, sunnians, verlites, serpentinites, sub-plantains and lavas. Siliceous soils and fillers developed on these lands.

The Troodos National Forest Park is a source for the largest rivers of Cyprus, and of about fifty springs it supplies many villages. The main threats to the Park are fires, which are usually caused by human negligence, illegal bird hunting, pollution, recreational activities, causing damage and, finally, excessive use of pesticides.


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