Troodos Geopark Visitors’ Centre

The Visitors’ Centre of the Troodos Geopark is located in the old asbestos mine, an area of ​​historic value that now houses a beautiful Botanical Garden with information about the flora of the area, a Seed Bank of endemic species, as well as a wealth of evidence on mining in antiquity, early life in the area and its residents.

The old Primary School of the Mines was converted and restored, to welcome tourists and visitors. This is an excellent building, with an old architectural theme and specific historical features.

A magnificent garden is located in the entrance of the building. This represents the Troodos Ophiolite, with rocks from all over the mountain range. There is also an outdoor classroom area, which is mainly used by students for interactive lessons.

Inside the site are exposed rock and minerals indicative of the geological importance of Troodos, a model of representation of important geological sites such as fossils, mines, nature trails, as well as a screening room, which shows a video showing the island’s emergence from the sea and the importance of the Troodos geology. The Geopark Visitor Centre offers visitors the opportunity to see a representation of the Sulphur Mining Galley, as well as an ancient furnace for the production of copper that has been in operation for the past century.

The centre also offers a dedicated library.

Address: Pano Amiantos, Cyprus
Telephone No.: (+357) 25-752401
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 09:00-16:00


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