Troodos Ski Centre

The Troodos mountain range is the highest mountain range in Cyprus with peaks reaching an altitude of 1951 meters. The area near the peak of Chionistras is also classed as Troodos.

The Troodos Ski Centre features 3 skilifts and a chairlift, all at the top of Mount Olympus, from which 8 routes ideal for skiers of all levels starts: beginners, intermediate level, but also for advanced skiers. In the SunValley area there are two slopes, SunValley I (Venus) and SunValley II (Hermes), from which 4 routes start. On both slopes, there are T-type skilifts, which can transfer 2 people at the same time, with a transfer total of 310 and 480 people per hour, respectively. The two other skilifts that lead to the North Face I (Jupiter) and North Face II (Hera), where four more routes start, are located on the north side – the “North Face” – Olympus. The specific ones, one of which is ‘T-type’ and the other a chairlift (for 3 people), also carry more than 400 people per hour. The lifts’ working hours are 09.00-16.00.

Since 1960, the Skiing Club of Cyprus has been organizing annual ski races and in 1962 the first international ski races in Cyprus took place.

For beginners of the sport there are ski schools near the courses that deliver lessons. The ski centre also has two cafe-restaurants.

Contact info
Tel .: +357 22449837