Vateri Nature Trail

The Vateris Nature Trail was created on the west bank of the cluster of the Klario River. This trail follows the course of the river. A dense forest of Plane trees and oaks, creating a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

Wooden bridges penetrate the river and lead to other trails, but also to various points within the old village of Kakopetria. The trail has benches that give the opportunity for rest and at the same time the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The sound of the birds’ singing blends harmoniously with that of the river’s flowing waters in the Solea valley.

At the end of the journey there is a very old natural water spring with cool, crystal clear water, which has offered its coolness to the inhabitants of Kakopetria for centuries. This is called Vrisi Vateri (Vateri Water Spring), from where the name of the trail was taken.

Route details
Starting point: Approximately 100 metres from the entrance to old (Palia) Kakopetria, from the point of the Petra tou Androgynou (Androgyne Stone).
Length: about 1 km
Degree of difficulty: 1


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