View Point Moutti Kaloyirou

On the hill above the stadium, is the viewpoint ‘Moutti tou Kalogirou’. From this excellent location one can enjoy the view of the sea and the mountain. This place is the only viewpoint in the area of ​​Solea, which attracts many people. Two new nature trailsof exceptional natural beauty designed by the Korakou Community Council also are available.

The Ministry of Agriculture has approved the construction of facilities on the hill. A large telescope with a base, a gazebo, benches, refuse bins and directional signs will be placed at the site. This project is funded entirely by the European Union.

Korakou is built near the western bank of the Karkotis River, at an average altitude of 420 metres. On both sides of the Karkotis valley, the surrounding hills rise somewhat sharply, thus providing protection for the crops from the winds. To the west of the village the relief is mountainous and the altitude reaches 921 metres (Mosphileri Peak). The landscape is divided by small streams that flow into the valley.


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