Linos Community Council

Linos is a village in Nicosia, in the geographical region of Solea, about 48 km southwest of the capital Nicosia. In the northeast of the village and within its administrative boundaries, there is the abandoned settlement of Lemones.

Linos is built to the right of the Karkotis valley, at an average altitude of 310 metres. Herbs, citrus fruits, a few vegetables (peas and tomatoes), grains, legumes and a few fruit trees (apple trees, pears, plums and apple trees) are grown in the area. There are also large uncultivated areas, occupied by wild natural vegetation, mainly pine trees, marshes, thyme and calcareous trees.

From a transportation point of view, Linos is connected to the north, with the village of Katydata (about 1 km) and to the south, with the village of Pano Flassou, less than half a kilometre away. The President and the members of the Community Council of Linos have been elected during the Community elections held on the 18th of December 2016, in accordance with the Law on Communities N.86 (I) / 1999.

Contact number: +357 22 93 20 22.


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