The Museum of Shoemaker Christos Chrysanthou

The Museum of Shoemaker Christos Chrysanthou in Spilia village was created by Andreas Christou Chrysanthou in memory of his father. The inauguration was held on October 20, 2007 by the Minister of Interior, Mr. Christos Patsalidis. It is housed in the semi-basement of the first preserved house of Spilia that belongs to him. The house is at the centre of the community.

The museum presents the artwork of the shoe-maker and the sewing machines of Christou, known for his art in the nearby villages. Patterns, leather, books with money owed and  photographs of prominent names that would visit his shop, complement his shoe shop.

The humble bench of Christou shoe-maker, was made in 1920. The thirty pairs of male boots separated by children’s, women’s and men’s shoes, are displayed with a lot of style to give a special impression.

Operating Period: All year round
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – 18:00 by telephone
Contact Tel. / Fax: +357-99176839 / +357-22313521


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