The Troodos Development Company (ΑΝ.Ε.Τ.)

The Troodos Development Company Ltd (AN.E.T.) consists of a team of experienced and specialised personnel in many different fields, with full complementarity, to offer complete solutions and consulting services to the community and private sector.

The Troodos Development Association, bringing together all the regions (7 sub-regions / 68 communities as a Leader Local Action Group so far and 110 communities at the level of the Geopark) which bring together the Troodos region and develop unrelated ties, aims to develop, while advancing to solve the chronic problems faced by both these regions and their individual communities. The company was incorporated in January 2009 as a non-profit-making company. The AN.E.T. is a reliable and effective development mechanism in the hands of the operators and residents of Marathasa, Solea, Koumanarohoria, Limassol, South and North Pitsilia, and finally the Wine country villages (Krasohoria-Ambelohoria).

Great success was the inclusion of the Geopark Troodos in the UNESCO World Geopark Network and the European Geoparks Network. A success due to the hard work and the excellent cooperation of AN.E.T. with the Department of Geological Survey and the Department of Forests.

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Address: 139, Archbishop Makarios III, 2827, Galata – Nicosia
Telephone No.: +357 22923250
Fax: +357 22923373


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