Nature Trail Kannoures – Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis

Virgin forest landscape. The trail begins next to the source of the Karkotis River and through a virgin forest landscape that crosses the beautiful river valley. It passes near the old, closed, chromium mine and ends in Kakopetria. The route can pass through the church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis (12th century), which has excellent frescoes and is included as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One can continue towards the village of Kakopetria, about 3 km along the central road of Pedoulas – Kakopetria.

Route details
Starting point: On the main street of Karvounas – Troodos Square, 1km. before Troodos, 9.5 km. from Karvounas.
Length: 9 km (12 km to the village of Kakopetria)
Time: 3 hours (4 hours until Kakopetria)
Degree of difficulty: 3 (relatively difficult downhill)
Format: Linear
Flora: Wild Rosemary (Ptilostemon chamaepeuce var. Cyprius), Quercus alnifolia, Tears of the Virgin Mary (Arabis purpurea), Pterocephalus multiflorus subsp. Multiflorus, Thyme (Thymus integer).


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