Solea Dam

The Solea valley runs from the river Karkotis, one of the most important rivers in the northwest of Cyprus with a remarkable supply throughout the year.

The Solea dam is located near the villages of Linos and Flassou, in the catchment area of ​​a small branch of the river Aksa. The construction works were completed in 2013 and the Solea Dam was fleshed out.

The purpose of creating the dam wass to exploit the Karkotis river runoff by storing water of up to 4.500.000 cubic meters in the reservoir of the dam and transporting it by gravity or pumping to five total irrigation zones, thus supplying sufficient quantities water for the irrigation of the area.

Solea dam has also created a natural environment of excellent beauty, with several species of aquatic birds making use of the lake and the small pine forest along with the large areas of almond trees on the east bank of the dam to add to the beautiful scenery.